Success Story

A wonderful opportunity for students to work collaboratively, develop their confidence and self-esteem as well as learning about what makes a good entrepreneur. Students were challenged to think independently and develop their ideas ready to present to the rest of the club, and the local entrepreneurs who came in for the ‘dragon’s den’ style pitch presentation day.

All students enjoyed the experience particularly the cake sale leading to immediate profit for all the young entrepreneurs, and the opportunity to present in front of real business owners and gain feedback. A fun series of after school sessions that compliments the Business/Economics school curriculum and challenges the students to come up with creative ideas and develop them as risk takers and young entrepreneurs”. 

Mrs M Richardson Young Entrepreneurs Club– Mrs Maroulla Richardson, Kingsmead School. Responsible for commissioning the Young Entrepremeurs Club with Year 9 students at Kingsmead school. Leads the programme designed to raise educational standards, to motivate and ensure our most able students fully utilise the opportunities open to them.

Our Pilot course at Kingsmead School (our founder’s old secondary school) was a big success with their Year 9 students!

The schools’ club advocate (Mrs M. Richardson) agreed that more that 50% of the students in the club:

  • Showed improved time-management skills
  • Showed higher levels than normal of resourcefulness
  • Showed more initiative and forward-thinking
  • Surprised her in their abilities overall
  • Developed more confidence overall
  • Developed more confidence in problem-solving

But what did the students think? We asked the young entrepreneurs what their top 3 moments were during the course, and the highest top 3 moments were:

  • designing their cakes (which was done partially based on their own market research),
  • the day of the cake bake sale (of which students were split into two business teams and were swamped with customers!)
  • Meeting/pitching to the 3 ‘dragons’ who were local entrepreneurs.

All students said they would recommend the club to other students which was great to see, and used words like fun, interesting, inspiring, challenging, realistic, and enjoyable to describe the course.

What’s more, when the students were split into two teams to make and sell cakes, each team made over £112 in revenue in under 15 minutes! They were delighted at the revenue they made and being able to take a small wage packet back home for all their hard work!

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