How It Works

The Young Entrepreneurs Club is an after-school course during term-times.

The club is designed so that students can get a flavour of different working styles, be it in a team, working alone, or in a business partnership. Throughout many different activities, the young entrepreneurs get to make their own cake products to sell in school (and often do for a big profit!), present their developed ideas in front of local entrepreneurs, and learn how to pitch for investment, and even try their hand at developing a min-economy.

There are 10 sessions all in all, however some sessions are required to be double sessions, whereas others are single sessions. As such, the 10 session course fits in to 6 weeks. Here is a guide below:

Young Entrepreneur Club session outline Betty Adamou

We understand that some schools may have prior commitments (for instance, special assemblies, inset days etc) so when booking your club course for your school, just let us know the dates you’re ready to begin.

What else?

The club course is already prepared with everything the students need. Slides per session are already pre-prepared, as well as hand out and activities. Evaluation forms for teachers, parents and students are also ready so that everyone involved can provide feedback and reflect on the students’ progress.

The students also have digital achievement boards, which are all ready for the student when the club course begins.

To book your club course with your school now, just get in touch!