About the Founder

Business Awards_007.2pmwBetty Adamou is the CEO & Founder of an organization that makes games for research (as an engaging substitute for traditional surveys). She attended Kingsmead School in Enfield, and started her business Research Through Gaming Ltd aged 24. At this time, she rallied her advisors and friends around her to help start up her business; borrowing their knowledge and expertise to fill her gaps in knowledge.

She realised though, that there were too many gaps in her knowledge. Despite taking business studies at GCSE level and A level (where she had fantastic teachers) she still couldn’t answer basic questions when it came to starting her own business; How do I legally set up my business on Companies House? What’s corporation tax, and how much of that do I pay? How do I start a website? How do I get clients?

The Young Entrepreneurs Club is about bridging those gaping holes in knowledge for young people, and giving them the tools, skills and experiences they need to understand and embrace entrepreneurship.

Aside from running her business, Betty also contributes to Market Research industry magazines through articles, is a regularly invited conference and keynote speaker, an occasional university lecturer, and is carrying out a part-time PhD.

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