Founded and hosted by Betty Adamou, the Young Entrepreneurs Club benefits from being designed and facilitated by an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator. The young entrepreneurs who attend the club are given on-hand guidance from Betty, as a pioneering business owner she has extensive experience in knowing what it’s like to start and run a business.

With well designed activities, this gamified after-school course is fun and engaging for students, but crucially offers down-to-earth and realistic teachings about what students can expect in starting and running a business.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is not for the faint-hearted, and students learn the graft that goes on behind-the-scenes of a successful business and the seemingly ‘over-night’ success they often see today.

Students learn about the wealth of opportunities and experiences that can be available to them through learning resourcefulness, resilience and problem-solving in a fun, creatively and intellectually stimulating environment.