Our Young Entrepreneurs initiative kicks off again!

By Betty Adamou, Founder and Host of the Young Entrepreneurs Club

Loyal readers of our blogs may have seen a little while ago that we launched the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Club which is an after-school course for local students to encourage entrepreneurial skills and nurture ambition. We are firm believers that there are many things that sometimes cannot be ‘taught’ but with the right guidance, entrepreneurial skills such as resourcefulness, resilience, initiative and even going above the call of duty are traits that can be evolved with the right kind of resources. 

As such, we started off this after-school club at Kingsmead School, in north London, which is where I went to school many years ago! The Young Entrepreneurs Club was a huge success at Kingsmead with their 14 young entrepreneurs.

Today, we are SO excited for 12 students at a different school, Enfield Grammar in North London, to pitch to our three ‘Dragons’ so they can (hypothetically) invest in their businesses.

The 12 students have already made and sold products and made a profit by working in teams, and since then have been working individually to prepare pitches to discuss their innovative products and services that would benefit the London Borough of Enfield. We’ve had students think of deli/restaurants to cater to the Mediterranean communities of Enfield, an Indie/Arthouse cinema to compete with Cineworld and offer alternative movie choices, an innovative app for delivery services, and much, much more. 

Paul McGhie
Paul McGhie, experienced Film Director & Producer is also on our panel of ‘Dragons’

We wholeheartedly thank the local and very talented entrepreneurs Paul McGhie (Director and Producer) Joseph Tremain (Actor) and Nicola Wright (Actress and Producer) for giving up their time to meet our young entrepreneurs later today! 

nicola wright
Talented Actress & Producer, Nicola Wright, who has kindly agreed to give up her time to be one of our ‘Dragons’
joe tremain
Joe Tremain, our second ‘Dragon’, who also knows what it’s like to run his own business and can give advice to the students!

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